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Created at the end of 2000, RIKS (State Infocommunication Foundation) is a non-commercial foundation administered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

RIKS provides communication-related services for public institutions and other state-budgeted institutions and operative communication for particular purposes.

RIKS provides operative, radio and maritime communications, and telephone services.

The mission of RIKS is to provide public institutions, local municipalities and other state-budgeted institutions with cohesive, high-quality, secure and cost-effective communication-related services, including communications for particular purposes through its own infrastructures and infocommunication services delivered from the free market.

Contact:                       RIKS Monitoring center 24/7            Customer Service 9:00-17:00
Ädala 29, 10614 TALLINN              Phone: +372 699 1111               Phone: +372 699 2222
Register code 90006101                E-mail: keskus@riks.ee              E-mail: klient@riks.ee    
Phone: +372 693 1000                                   
Fax: +372 693 1001                                          Project coordination
E-mail: info@riks.ee                                         Phone: +372 693 1000
                                                 E-mail: projekt@riks.ee

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